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Testimonial: Ratings on City Vacuum in Los Angeles was rated as good by a Los Angeles citizen. glad the're here An honest (i think they undercharge) business that does good work. I use them regularly (i have a small biz where we NEED our vacuum). Customer Rating City Vacuum 7/7/2011 Excellent customer service. Carry all supplies needed for cleaning/janitorial supplies. Quick turn around time on repairs. Repair vacuums/cleaning machine. Prices are affordable compared to competitors. Customer Rating Jul 10, 2011 They Knows how to repair machines and at a reasonable price.

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Cleaning Tips

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Preparing Wood Floor

Welcome to our store. Our company, City Vacuum, was founded in 1970 and is also known as Los Angeles Vacuum Company. We specialize in the repair of vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines, carpet extractors, carpet scrubbers, Commercial and industrial floor cleaning machines.

We perform electrical repair on most makes and models of motors, pumps, carpet extractors, floor polishers, and carpet scrubbers. We do electrical diagnostics for most makes and models. We are an authorized service and sale shop for major companies such as Pullman-Holt and others.

We also carry a complete line of carpet cleaning and general cleaning supplies. We are fully equipped to keep your commercial and home or office vacuum cleaner machine in Tip-Top condition at an affordable cost and returned in a timely manner.

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